Guatemala – Finca El Gigante Anaerobic

Rose, Tropical fruits & Apricot
REGION -  Chiquimula
PRODUCER -  Osvaldo Suchini
VARIETY -  Catuai
When a farmer dreams of deepening his connection to nature and his commitment to carefully managing every step of the coffee cultivation process the results can be extraordinary. Such is the case with Oswaldo Suchini and his Finca El Gigante, a dream he’s been building for 27 years. His determination is apparent in many ways, from experimentation and tireless process improvements to the fact that his farm is thriving in an area of Guatemala not typically known for coffee. In a country steeped in centuries of coffee tradition, Oswaldo has achievedd renown. We’re proud to play a role in his story of success. Upon arrival at the washing station, ripe, whole cherries were added to airtight tanks and left to ferment for 48 hours. As many of you know, this is where the magic really happens – that time spent fermenting in the tank, devoid of oxygen, lends itself to producing some of the most exciting flavor profiles we have experienced in coffee. Afterward, the cherries are removed from the tanks and spread thinly across raised beds, where they are left to dry in the sun. This sunbathing step is where those characteristic fruit-forward flavors come out to play, and you’re going to get those and a whole lot more when you take your first sip of this truly special coffee. This coffee is different from others in the same profile, and it is an excellent representation of what we like to call “light-handed” processing. Although the steps outlined above certainly have a distinct impact on the resultant flavor profile, they do so without turning the volume up to 11, allowing the coffee itself to shine – and surprise us! What we do expect and did receive is a lovely pink floral character, reminiscent of rose. The coffee is also distinctly fruited, which we also expected – like fresh apricots.