Inmaculada Geisha – Colombia Lot 552

Floral, Cherry, Blueberry, Honey, & Fig
REGION -  Julian Holguin Ramos
PRODUCER -  Julian Holguin Ramos
VARIETY -  Geisha
PROCESS -  Natural
La Inmaculada is one of the most prestigious farms in the world. Its fame is not only due to their rare varietals but also thanks to the attention to detail in the quality control process: from the best equipment to the irreplaceable human hand selection. Only 20 minutes away from Cali, in a small town called Pichinde located in the Andes mountains, the Holguin family decided to make use of an untouched forest on their family farm. In those farms, some of the rarest and most special coffees such as Rume Sudan, Eugenoides, Laurina, Gesha and Maragesha, are planted. Rare, exclusive and fetching a heavy price tag, Gesha is often associated with coffees from Panama, while, in fact, the cultivation of the Gesha varietal began there as late as in the 1960s.