Insight into Seven Fortunes Coffee Roasters


Insight into Seven Fortunes is a engaging coffee experience to learn about specialty coffee and Seven Fortunes. It is the ideal course for groups of friends, colleagues and coffee enthusiasts to share an entertaining and informative session of our roastery and the efforts behind serving you that perfect cup! Whether you are new to coffee or a professional coffee drinker, no experience or prior knowledge is needed. Your session will include a tour around the roastery where you will learn the basics of coffee and explore the fundamentals behind every department in the coffee roasting industry from green bean sourcing, roasting and finally making that perfect cup!

Course outline:

Introduction to Seven Fortunes Coffee Roastery
The concept of specialty coffee
Introduction to coffee from bean to cup
Tour of the roastery
Quality control cupping
Making coffee from espresso to brewed coffee
Engaging activities to enhance your sensory skills in coffee

Minimum 4 person. Maximum 6 person

Duration: 3 hours

250,00 AED